Familiar painpoint?

Struggling to connect with the right target group?

Do you have a lot of connections but low sales?

You know what to say, but you don’t know how?

Hard to get attention with your brand ads and activations?

Are you really digitally present?

Do you spend money on marketing, but fail to see results?

Is digital and social media part of your marketing plan?

Do you think email is dead?

Is your website mobile friendly?

Are you prepared to handle media when shit hits the fan?

Does Baby boomers, Millennials and Gen Z confuse you?

Are you able to get attention in a overly crowded market?

Did your customer leave you at the alter?

Can you see sales grow based on your facebook posts and Instagram images?

Do you have an in depth content plan to generate sales and maximise conversion?



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what we do

We’re a cross-discipline team of communicators, digital marketers, PR-experts, creative strategists, and content creators. We dabble in many areas, but whether you need help with branding, storytelling or to maximise your digital presence, we have the muscle. Either way, you can be sure that our strategies will reflect your unique needs.
We happily accept any challenge.


Small but significant

We are agile, nimble and fairly small. This means you have a team of devoted creatives with the mission to build your business. Our existence depends on it.



We don’t want to be on the other side of the table. We want to sit on your side, and make sure we have a joint ownership and efforts to make sure we deliver results.


We’re in this together

Our business model is created to disrupt and challenge the established ways of getting paid. As your partner, we share the risk based on KPI’s and results delivered.

How we do it

“Don’t count the people that you reach, reach the people who count.”

Nordic.Agency is a digital-at-heart marketing agency that create satisfactory interactions, strong relations and inspire advocacy.


In collaboration with the Ogilvy’s Fusion© Operating System, we have created the Nordic.Navigator - a refined composition of methods design to map out ambitions and potential on the nordic market.

customer roadmap

Everything we do circles back to our ‘Find – Like – Love’ model, where every step along the way is carefully designed for the optimal user experience, regardless of device, media or channel. The goal is to create satisfactory interactions, strong relations and inspire advocacy.

free brainstorming session

Whether you’re looking for a new agency, have an agency in contract, or none of the above - we want to offer you a free brainstorm session to gain a healthy outside perspective.

Our Methodology

Challenge 1: Information Overload

As anyone who uses Google knows, the challenge is not to find an answer or result, but finding the most relevant and meaningful answer. What does this mean for brands and companies?

Challenge 2: Connected, Well-Informed Buyers

Secondly, buyers are more connected and self-directed than ever. A recent survey by the Corporate Executive Board reported that 57 percent of the typical B2B sales cycle is complete before the buyer’s first contact with vendors.

Challenge 3: Crowded Markets

Lastly, markets today are simply overwhelmed with competing solution providers. As we transition to a service economy, new entrants leverage technology, global labor markets, and other innovations to bring new products and services to the market faster, look bigger than they are, and fill niches aggressively.




Stage 1: Status Quo

Most organizations are mucked and mired in the first stage: status quo. They are slugging out a content-marketing battle based on features and benefits. In this stage, marketing effectiveness is dependent on hitting buyer needs with content that resonates with key benefits.

Stage 2: Impact

Organisations have moved past features, benefits, articulated meaningful and unique customer Value. They have created a Viewpoint that converges on the biggest business changes impacting their customers and the most disruptive response that their solution delivers in response to those changes.

Stage 3: Breakthrough

Products and services are evaluated and experienced. In order to achieve Velocity and create Breakthrough, we must put experience front and center early on, especially in the sales and marketing cycle.

Keen to get past the guessing game? Let’s do a Nordic.Navigator session and start collaborating

Who will do it

This is us! We’re an enthusiastic bunch of creatives and strategists from all walks of life. Some of us are based at our Oslo office and others at the office in Stockholm, but a close-knit team nonetheless.

Arnt Eriksen
Founder / Creative Director

Elin Jansson
Creative Technologist

Kris Isak Eriksen
Chief Operating Officer

Steffi Van Den Branden
Creative Strategist & Sales

Nell Jonason
Junior Copywriter & Happiness Office

Calle Bjørnqvist
Copywriter Intern

Do you want to be a part of our team? We’re always interested in potential new talent. Send us your CV with a brief introduction of yourself to iwanttowork@nordic.agency - we’ll get back to you in a jiffy!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out on social media for any open positions at Nordic.Agency.

We are part of the Ogilvy PR network, which means we have access to a global set of resources, tools, research, staff and brainpower, beyond the Nordic borders. Pretty handy.

What we’ve done