Nordic.Agency affiliate partnership with Ogilvy

Posted by Arnt Eriksen in Nordic.Agency – January 28, 2015

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Oslo / Stockholm — Nordic.Agency, a digital marketing agency with top industry talent, insight and services for the Scandinavian market today announce a pan-nordic affiliate venture in the Nordic market with award-winning global network Ogilvy Public Relations.

Arnt Eriksen is a top industry leader within marketing and social media in the Nordics and his extensive international network of contacts combined with Ogilvy’s network of offices will be a powerful combination for clients as the two agencies move forward together.

Nordic.Agency is on the forefront of creativity and modern communication, and is proud to be able to combine this with the strengths and skill sets found in Ogilvy. ”I always had great respect for the fundamental ideas and philosophies of the founder David Ogilvy – which also forms the basis of the structure and foundation of Nordic.Agency,” says Arnt Eriksen.

”With the support from Ogilvy, there are unique opportunities for companies in the region who want to to challenge the status quo. It is no longer a question of doing something in traditional, digital or social platforms, or how to activate the customer through bought, owned or earned media. We are at the age where all those fragmented thoughts no longer work for the benefit of the client. We need to have an holistic approach and find the optimal way to maximise the effect and value – by making all media work at their best for the brand, product or services.”

”Together with a strong partner like Ogilvy, existing Ogilvy clients such as American Express, Coca-Cola, Unilever, combined with our own clients such as Domino’s and VeriVita Group are exited and willing to go all in to leverage Nordic.Agency’s expertise and knowledge in marketing and communications.”

“I’m thrilled that Ogilvy PR is expanding our footprint of social experts in the Nordic region with Nordic.Agency,” said Marshall Manson, Ogilvy’s Managing Director of Social for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. “Arnt has a long track record of bringing disruptive thinking and ideas to clients, but with the kind of practical business edge that our clients need.”