Google Will Punish Your Non Mobile-Friendly Website

Posted by Arnt Eriksen in Mobile – April 21, 2015

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Google will punish your non mobile-friendly website

Today's the day Google will begin to punish the websites that aren't mobile-friendly (and not in the pleasant way).

You know whenever you click on a link on your mobile phone, perhaps via Twitter or Facebook, and the website you’re directed into isn’t optimized for your mobile, so you’ll have to zoom in and drag the site back and forth to be able to see what it says… has that ever annoyed you? Yeah, me too! And apparently someone at Google as well.

From this day forward, by not having a mobile-friendly website (basically a responsive website that loads fast), Google will lower your site’s SEO ranking. This means that your site’s ranking in Google searchs will be significantly worsened if you have not optimized your site.

The desktop computer is no longer the primary online platform, so it seems strange that not more companies are willing to spend time and resources optimizing their content to cooperate with mobile, specially since “[…] the majority of all digital media time spent occurs on mobile apps”, according to this study from 2014 (in the US).

“Given that 77% of us use mobile search at home or work; places that are likely to have desktop computers, it is important that we have positive mobile search experiences; and that is exactly Google’s primary aim.” – Business2Community

Google has created a guide to help brands and smaller businesses get started in making their website mobile-friendly, but if you’re not the reading type, MobileMixed has created a podcast.

So what are you waiting for? No time like the present (except maybe yesterday)!