Avoid these content marketing mistakes

Posted by Arnt Eriksen in Marketing – May 22, 2015

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We're all getting more familiar with the term "content marketing" and what we should do with it, but... what shouldn't we do?

It’s about the seven common content marketing mistakes and how to avoid them, and as we all know, content marketing is here to stay, so I thought I’d share them with you:

1. Not documenting your content marketing strategy

2. Forgetting to build a business case upfront

3. Ignoring your customer’s questions

4. Not publishing enough

5. Forgetting to utilize what you already have

6. Dismissing distribution

7. Talking non-stop about yourself

We in Nordic.Agency are still working on our content strategy, but definitely have to agree with what the journalist here (Liz Bedor) says. Strategy, customer awareness and a flow in content are key ingredients for good content marketing. But let’s not just talk about us! What do you think? Hit us up over at Twitter, @theNordicAgency.

Read the full article over at the NewsCred blog, where it was originally posted (written by Liz Bedor).