Facebook Introduces Instant Articles

Posted by Arnt Eriksen in Marketing – May 13, 2015

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Facebook Instant Articles - Nordic.Agency

Facebook keeps on working towards creating the best possible experience for their users.

What Facebook has realized, is that articles outside of their app doesn’t load fast enough, and in 2015, that’s making a lot of publishers losing potential readers. We’re simply not patient enough to wait up to eight seconds for a page to load anymore. So Facebook decided to do something about that:

Publishers such as National Geographic, BuzzFeed, BBC News, The New York Times and The Guardian are a couple of the launch partners Facebook has teamed up with to start with.

“It is great to see Facebook trialing new ways for quality journalism to flourish on mobile,” says Tony Danker, International Director of Guardian News & Media. “The Guardian is keen to test how the new platform can provide an even more engaging experience for our readers. It is then vital that, over time, Instant Articles delivers recurring benefit for publishers, whose continued investment in original content underpins its success.”

Header image borrowed from Facebook’s media page.