Why your business would benefit from blogging

Posted by Arnt Eriksen in Marketing – May 4, 2015

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Why your business would benefit from blogging

If you were to make a list of pros and cons around having a blog, there really wouldn't be any cons.

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to stay in touch with your audience and make your company stand out in the cluster of so called «experts» in your field.

Blogs will probably generate a lot more traffic than your website ever will, and the best thing is that it will all be relevant traffic; people who are truly interested in what your brand has to offer. You have the opportunity to show your potential customers what you know, and in that way make a name for yourself as an expert in the business you’re in. Exchange views with your customers and engage them in different discussions, enabling you to penetrate their circle of influence through word of mouth marketing.

Make it possible for them to comment on your posts, enabling a discussion with your potential clients, enabling you to learn something new or perhaps prove someone wrong (but in a humble way, of course). “Place yourself as an expert and instantly raise your earnings.”

Also: «Google loves them, and indexes blog posts much quicker than other pages.»

– 61% of consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post that they read.
– 60% of consumers feel positive about a company after reading its blog.
– 70% of consumers learn about a company through its blog versus ads.
Statistics from 2013, found on this blog.

Also, with a blog your company have its own voice, not being dependent on media or press. You have a platform to tell you’re side of the story – if that should ever be necessary.

You might think your business is so big that you don’t need a blog, or maybe that your niche is so narrow that no one would be interested, but that’s not true. You are never too big or too small for blogging, just ask your potential customers.

By not having a blog you’re losing out on potentially hundreds or even thousands of new customers visiting your site. There’s a discussion going out there, and you don’t have the platform to join in!