SEO mistakes you don’t want to make

Posted by Arnt Eriksen in Marketing – June 12, 2015

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SEO mistakes you don't wanna make - Nordic.Agency

SEO isn't a game, people. The struggle is real!

You have a website and you want people to see it. The trouble is, you have an awful lot of competition. If the world wide web is a beach, the websites on it are grains of sand. Business 2 Community

It’s easy to think that SEO – search engine optimization – isn’t really that important. But it is. As B2C write in their article, in the quote I’ve added above, there is an awful amount of competition out there, and good SEO is really the only way you can become more visible in Google.

Business 2 Community has written an article on 10 simple SEO mistakes you need to avoid, and I would like to share some of them with you:

  • Focusing too much on SEO
    • Google is smarter than you think, so repeating your keyword a hundred times will make you go down the list rather than up. Be smart about it – don’t try to trick Google because it won’t work!
  • Duplicated content
    • Don’t copy and paste the same text over and over on several different pages on your site. Rewrite it, give it another twist or just write something different.
  • Forgetting about SEO optimisation for your images
    • Give your images descriptive information in the alt-text section, it doesn’t have to be long; this will help you move up in Google AND make your site more optimized for blind people.
  • Getting obsessed with traffic volume
    • Don’t worry so much about how many people are visiting your site. Instead, worry that the people that do visit it is in your targeted audience.

B2C listed 10, and you can read more about them all on their website.

Happy weekend!