Turn on notifications – yes or no?

Posted by Arnt Eriksen in Advertising, Marketing, Mobile, PR – April 11, 2016

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This is happening; Instagram, like Facebook, is in the process of making a big change in how pictures are shown in the user’s feed. The proposed change will display pictures according to relevance, rather than chronologically. Instagram said that people miss out on 70 percent of what’s actually in their feed, and this way people can stay updated at all times on what’s relevant to them.

The past week we have seen many attempts by brands and individuals trying to stay visible by getting their followers on Instagram to hit «turn on notifications». But how does this affect your brand?

The panic amongst brands – and people – is quite noticeable. The change hasn’t happened yet, but it will. And that’s probably a scary thought, as many user’s have already seen the «turn on notification» feature all over Instagram. Will this save your visibility on social media?

This is how it works; currently people are used to the time-based chronological feed – all new posts first. The new change is algorithm-based, which means the posts you see first are the ones Instagram assume you will be interested in. For example: you often “like” photos posted by a company or a well-known person. With the new feed these posts will appear on top.

The ones who are most frustrated with the change are in fact organizations and brands that rely on their followers – especially those with a small or non-existing marketing budget. A while ago Facebook and Twitter made similar changes, and the first noticeable change was an incline in Facebook engagement. As Facebook owns Instagram brands fear history is repeating itself. So what now?

Fortunately for those affected the change won’t happen for at least a few weeks – if not longer.