The Buyer’s Journey

Posted by Calle Bjørnqvist in Advertising, Marketing – March 22, 2017

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The buyer’s journey is the active process that a buyer goes through leading up to a purchase. It’s the foundation of everything we do and create at our agency, because we believe that every piece of content should be tailored to the customer. In this article we’ll give you a run down of the buyer’s journey and show you exactly how useful it can be to marketers.

Stage 1: Find


This is where the buyer realizes that he has a need or a problem. The buyer wants to find a solution and starts doing research. Your job at this point is to create informative and helpful content that’s easy to find via a quick web search.


The second part of the find stage is where the buyer defines his problem and the different criteria for a solution. The buyer is likely to revisit the sites used in his research to once again evaluate which company does the best job of matching the criteria. Your job is to include calls to action in your websites and articles, in order to lead the buyer from the general articles to more specific content.

Stage 2: Like

The buyer is now ready to make a decision. To recap, you’ve provided general information to the buyer and helped him to define the criteria of what he’s looking for.  You’ve provided more specific information to help the buyer. Lastly, you’ve included a call to action in your article that brought the buyer to a landing page where your products or services are showcased. The buyer has chosen you, but the buyer’s journey does not end there.

Purchase and Use

We believe it’s important to consider “purchase” and “use” because the buyer’s experience will have a great impact on the future relationship between your brand and the buyer. The goal isn’t to make one purchase, it’s to make the customers come back.
Stage 3: Love


After making a purchase you want the customer to be satisfied, and this can be accomplished in a number of ways. Some companies ask for the customer’s email address when they make a purchase. This allows you to follow up on the customer and keep them in your loop by sending them relevant  offers and  news. For example, to a customer who has recently made a purchase, you could send an email saying : “Hey!,We hope you’re satisfied with the item you bought. Make sure to follow our social media pages for regular updates on offers, news etc.”

Brand Ambassadors

After ensuring the buyer’s satisfaction, you want them to become ambassadors for your brand. A brand ambassador is someone who shares their positive experiences about a brand with friends and family, or online. A study from 2016 showed that 76% of consumers believe that user-generated content is more honest than advertising from brands. With this in mind it’s not hard to see why a brand ambassador is a highly valued asset.

The buyer’s journey is a bit like storytelling.You design the experience you want your customer to have, and you write the story of how consumers come to Find, Like, and eventually, Love you.

Would you like to design your own buyer’s journey or fill an existing model with relevant content? We would love to help you out! Visit our website and tell us how we can work together!