What Is Brand Guardianship?

Posted by Calle Bjørnqvist in Advertising, Marketing – April 19, 2017

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In the digital era that we live in, people interact with brands on many different platforms. It’s natural, and smart, to adapt content to each platform, to optimize the contents performance. What is important to keep in mind is that, while you still have to customize the communication, your brand has to be consistent across all platforms. So what does it actually mean to excercise brand guardianship?

Strengthen brand value and trust

Consistency is essential for brands to be successful. The principal can be transferred to everyday life. Would you trust a person who acted different every time you saw them? Probably not. People like consistency, and that also applies to your brand. Being consistent is important when you want to communicate your brand values, and it is an essential part of building trust with your audience.

Save time and money

Undoubtedly, a lot of money has gone into developing your brand. When you have a clear set of rules for how to apply your brand on different platforms, you’ll save yourself both time and money. Another benefit is that you run a decreased risk of damaging the brand.

Infinite platforms

In the introduction of this article, we mentioned that brands have the opportunity to be more visible now than ever before. On one hand this is positive, because your brand gets more exposure, but on the other hand it becomes harder to adjust the audience’s perception of the brand as well. That’s why brand guardianship has become an increasingly important practice.

So, why is brand guardianship important?

Brand guardianship ensures that your audience has a clear image of what your brand represents. Being concise in your appearance and communication across all channels is an important part of building a trusting relationship with your audience.  A strong focus on brand guardianship can also lower the risk of any communication potentially damaging your brand.

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