Pro’s and Cons of Influencer Marketing

Posted by Nell Jonason in Inspiration, Marketing – May 29, 2017

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Influencer marketing sure has become a popular method among brands today. There are plenty of success stories making it seem like an easy effort. The statistics are especially seductive. However, nothing in this world is black and white. Of course, there are Pro’s and Cons with every choice and method. But if you’re struggling to decide if you should give it a go or not, don’t worry! Let’s lay it down plain and simple.

Pro – The statistics are optimistic

71 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on a social media reference. In fact, influencer marketing creates twice as many sales as paid ads and customers who follow the influencer-trail have a 37% higher retention rate.

Con – Slow start with extensive research

To live up to those statistics, an influencer campaign requires a lot of research. It’s not just about picking a random influencer and going with it. You need to know your target audience extensively, analyze the context, choose your influencer carefully, and evaluate your goals. It’s a slow process, but absolutely necessary.

Pro – Creates a massive word of mouth effect

If done right, an influencer campaign can take word of mouth to a whole new scale. You have the potential to reach straight out your target audience and with a light shove, get a massive snowball rolling. It could work wonders for brand awareness.

Con – Results will take a while

Influencer marketing is about building a credible relationship between the influencer and you brand. It’s about gaining the consumer’s trust. For that the campaign needs to feel genuine – over time. It’s no point in hiring an influencers for a short lived campaign and hope it boosts your sales a plenty.

Pro – Shortcut through the sales funnel

If customers are entering your sales funnel via an influencer, they’re likely to be much closer to making a purchase than a typical prospect. A trusted influencer simulates a recommendation from a friend. It helps the consumer to form an opinion based on the positive influence and make a decision. This makes them a whole lot easier to convert.

Con – Requires advanced tracking methods

Using an influencer to create content means you don’t have much control of the content going out. Simply because it’s on someone else’s account. Now, there are ways of tracking the results of an influencer campaign, but needless to say, they are not very convenient. It’s a lot more time consuming.
As with everything, you need to have done your research. Not every brand, product or project is compatible with influencer marketing. However, if it turns out it is, then there are many valuable Pro’s to seriously consider. If you still can’t decide whether you’d like to try an influencer or not, we’re happy to lend an ear and some friendly advice. Just drop us a sentence on our website!