An Empty Lunch box + Emotions = 150+ Million Views

Posted by Calle Bjørnqvist in Advertising, Inspiration – June 14, 2017

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In previous articles we’ve promoted the power of emotions in marketing, and we haven’t changed our minds since then. Today we’re bringing you tangible evidence of how powerful and shareable an emotional ad campaign can be.

Check out the commercial here

Last week, on June 6th, the Norwegian ad agency Kitchen released a one minute long commercial for Bufdir, a federal department responsible for children and family services in Norway. The commercial, produced by Willy Nikkers, starts of in a classroom full of young kids that are having a lunch break. One of the kids looks around the room and envies the other kid’s lunch boxes, as his is completely empty. After having left, and returned to the classroom he sees that his lunch box is full of different types of food. He looks around the room and spot several kids looking in his direction, smiling, and eating food similar to what has been put in his lunch box. The kid is overjoyed.

This is the type of commercial that will make a lot of creatives go: “I wish i wrote that!”. Not because just because it’s outstanding reach, but because of how the commercial makes you feel. If you’ve noticed, there’s next to no dialog and no voiceover, and we still instantly recognize that this kid is struggling. This is an outstanding example on how to use emotions in a commercial.  From all of us here at Nordic.Agency we would like to say: Well done!