The Chatbots We Want to See More of

Posted by Nell Jonason in Creativity, Inspiration – June 12, 2017

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It’s an exciting time we live in. Digital innovation is in full bloom and we get to experience it first hand. Chatbots are one of the most hyped trends of the year and there are thousands of new bots are being launched every week. We love seeing the progress each bot brings to the game. There are many different genres on the bot-scene and we certainly have a few favourites. Some of them we’d like to see more of.

The crowd sourced bots

Instead of being a one-way conversation between human and AI, a crowdsourcing bot can work as an intermediary. It might for example provide you with the advice you need by tapping into it’s other interactions, asking another human for their opinion. It’s a simple but very creative. Just imagine if we put our best thinkers on it! We’d love to see some more of this type.

The branded bots

Once in awhile when you interact with a service or brand, a moment will pass when you think “Gosh, why don’t they have a bot yet?! It would make things so much easier.” You get a little frustrated because it seems like a no brainer that they would. Like banks for example! Think about how much they could gain from staying on top of the digital game in this day and age. We look forward to seeing more brands and services take a brave first step towards creating their own branded chatbots.

The integrated bots

We can think of many services and apps that would do a lot better as integrated chatbots. It the type of bot that exist automatically in every chat, so that you don’t have to leave a conversion with a friend to message it. Instead they’re activated by certain commands in any chat. Like the calendar or reminder bots on Slack and Facebook Messenger for example. Everything from synced travel planners, money transactions, wikipedias etc. We want to see more of those.

The quirky bots

Our favorite chatbots are the ones who have figured out the value of good copy. We’ve seen how big of a difference it can make to the user experience. It simply adds personality and make the interaction feel a little more real. Take Poncho the weather cat for example, a simple chatbot that predicts weather. Many other bots do the same, yet Poncho is the one we all know about. He is funny, sweet and quirky. It’s the key to a successful chatbot, if you ask us. More bots should take it to heart.