The Common Mistakes of Scaling Up Content Production

Posted by Calle Bjørnqvist in Marketing – July 3, 2017

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It is a very good sign if you feel the need to scale up your content production. However, sometimes scaling up production means that the quality of your content will drop. When your audience have become accustomed to high quality content, a drop in quality could quickly turn them over to your competition. Here are some tips on how to keep up the quality of your content.

Correct grammar is key

Sloppy spelling can look very unprofessional and may impact relationships with customers and with other companies. A good practice is to have someone else, like a colleague or a friend, look over your content to check if anything reads or looks wrong.

Optimize for mobile

The majority of content nowadays is being viewed on mobile devices, rather than desktops. This doesn’t mean that design for desktop should be neglected, but it does mean that mobile users deserve extra attention from your UX/UI designers.

Prevent a creative burnout

The transition from making a few pieces of content a month to two or three pieces of content a week  can be rough. In some cases it might lead to a creative burnout, where nothing is produced because of the pressure of scaling up. To prevent this, try to establish creative routines that will help your content creators gather inspiration and effectively produce content.

Don’t forget consistency

Branding can become difficult when you’re scaling up. This is partly because production has stolen the focus from establishing a recognizable tone of voice. In this case it’s smart to make a brand manifesto with a clear set of rules and statements, that a content creator can visit regularly to make sure that every piece of content feels the same, in a good way.


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