Domino’s Easy Order Button

The Challenge

Back in March 2015, Domino’s UK came to us with the challenge of creating a way to further simplify the process of ordering their pizza.

We knew we had to one-up the Domino’s US ‘tweet-to-order’ concept and felt that a blend of both the physical and digital worlds would be a great way to accomplish just that.

What’s more, the fact that the Domino’s app had surpassed 10 million downloads and over 75% of orders were being placed online came as a clear indicator that our targets were digital-savvy and open to innovative concepts surrounding their beloved pizza.

The Solution


The Domino’s Easy Order Button, powered by Flic from ShortCut Labs – a Swedish startup company with one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns at Indiegogo.

The Easy Order-button is paired with an app to deliver the unmistakable taste of Domino’s to your door at the click of a button. We created this concept to fit and appeal to all of Domino’s customers, since they’re engaged in new technology and always interested in new ways that can deliver the easiest ever order option in their busy lifestyles.

The Outcome


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Following the launch of this campaign, other markets picked up on the trend and adapted their own versions of - most notably, the US market’s easy order app.


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