EVO Fitness

The Challenge

EVO Fitness, one of Norway’s most well-known fitness center chains, became a client of ours over the summer of 2016. With a strong focus on core strength and highly skilled PT’s, our role is to help continue to strengthen and build the brand throughout the Norwegian market.

Our Work

After discussing initial ideas or concepts for a campaign, our task is to enhance the reach, value and overall effectiveness of. Our starting point is often developing a strategy that revolves around EVO’s persona segments, looking to create the most relevant and contextual marketing efforts possible.

From here we’ll begin developing the visual aesthetic for digital and print advertising whilst crafting an inbound marketing strategy to attract, convert & nurture new & existing clientele to EVO Fitness.

All activities, concepts and strategies work together to support and elevate the overall brand platform for EVO Fitness.



The ability to get everything in one place - strategy, creative, digital - really made this session and working with Nordic.Agency in general, a big value in driving our business forward. – EVO Fitness