PayPal & Domino’s Pizza Buds

The Challenge

Back in March, PayPal approached us expressing their desire to launch a campaign in Norway to commemorate their soon-to-launch payments solution for Domino’s Pizza.

The goal of this campaign was two-fold:
  1. Reactivate current PayPal & Domino’s clientele
  2. Generate new clients for both PayPal & Domino’s

The Solution

After two months of hard but very rewarding work, we introduced our concept of 'Pizza Buds,' - a highly engaging & connecting people-centric campaign. The idea behind Pizza Buds as a concept is simple: it’s better to give, than to receive.

Essentially we’ve taken the age-old concept of buy one, get one free and flipped it on its head. The result: buy one, GIVE one free!

The main business strategy behind this concept is that we’re not only motivating currently known clientele to become active, we’re laying the framework for driving referrals, which is the best way for PayPal & Dominos to generate new clients to build long-term relationships with.

How it works & Going viral


During the ‘Pizza Buds’ campaign, people who order a pizza from Dominos and pay using PayPal are then redirected to a form where they can enter a pal’s information to send a free pizza voucher along with their own personal message.

Going Viral: After people pick up their free pizza that includes the Pizza Buds box topper, the receiver’s are encouraged to share an image of their free pizza using the hashtag #pizzabuds.

Thereafter, PayPal & Dominos will select a lucky few who’ve shared content to reward their Pizza Bud (the giver) with a year’s worth of free pizza!


Disclaimer: The Pizza Buds concept and all associated materials are property of Nordic.Agency. Any attempt to reproduce or reuse without consent of Nordic.Agency is prohibited.

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