March 29, 2017Advertising, Case Studies, Marketing

Decoding Generation Z

Generation Z was born into a digitally fluent world. While millennials grew up with the revolutionary World Wide Web, generation Z grew up with social media. They are more socially and globally connected than any generation before them. Today they account for approximately 27% of the global population and are about to come of age. Marketers are now working overtime to decode their digital behaviour, terrified of repeating the lengthy confusion we went through with millennials. In an effort to prepare for the shift, we’ve mapped out what we know so far about the changes ahead of us.

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January 16, 2017Advertising, Case Studies, Inspiration, Marketing, Mobile

Chatbots 101

Since Facebook opened up Messenger to third party developers in April last year, the app has been flooded by more than 34 000 individual bots. You have probably heard of bots on various trend reports during the past few months as they are predicted to be the next big shift in our cultural behaviour. But do you still not have the whole picture of what the big deal is? We’ve got you covered - here’s our guide to understanding the future of chatbots.

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November 24, 2015Case Studies, Marketing

Push for Pizza!

Domino’s UK launched ”The Easy Order” button yesterday and the media coverage and engagement so far has been beyond any expectation. Multiple news sites published the story about this new and easy way of ordering a delicious pizza from the worlds leading pizza brand.

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