February 24, 2017Inspiration, Mobile

How Bots Conquered China 4 Years Ago

While we in west only got on the bot-train last year, bots are old news to the Chinese. They’ve had them since 2013, which means they are 4 years wiser. So for the first Marketing Morning seminar of the year, we invited Jacob Lovén - the founder, producer and host of the Swedish podcast The Digital Dragon/Den digitala Draken - to tell us about the Chinese bot-industry. What can we as marketers learn from studying the Chinese bot-evolution? Here’s a recap of what we’ve learned from Jacob!

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February 1, 2017Advertising, Marketing, Mobile

Why mobile friendly won’t cut it in 2017

More than ever before, people are talking about the importance of being mobile friendly, but soon friendly will not be enough. As consumers become more and more dependent on their mobile devices, brands need to start planning for a shift to a mobile only behaviour. The standard desktop website will no longer be a relevant main platform, and a mobile friendly adaption of that same site is not going to cut it either. To reach mobile only users, brands need to take on a completely mobile centric customer experience.

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January 16, 2017Advertising, Case Studies, Inspiration, Marketing, Mobile

Chatbots 101

Since Facebook opened up Messenger to third party developers in April last year, the app has been flooded by more than 34 000 individual bots. You have probably heard of bots on various trend reports during the past few months as they are predicted to be the next big shift in our cultural behaviour. But do you still not have the whole picture of what the big deal is? We’ve got you covered - here’s our guide to understanding the future of chatbots.

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January 13, 2017Advertising, Mobile, Uncategorized

Instagram Stories take on Snapchat in race for ads.

Before Christmas, Snapchat launched new and improved ad-functionalities to their app. This Wednesday, Instagram Stories followed suit and introduced their very similar concept. We have put together a quick recap on what the two platforms have to offer.

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January 9, 2017Advertising, Creativity, Inspiration, Marketing, Mobile

Crash course: 5 digital marketing trends in 2017

According to eMarketer, 2017 is predicted to be the year that global digital spending will surpass that of TV for the first time. Here are a few of the digital trends that we expect will grow as we hit a major milestone for digital advertising.

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January 6, 2017Advertising, Creativity, Marketing, Mobile

The Rise of Livestreaming

Livestreaming is on the rise to become an increasingly important tool for marketers. More and more content is being produced for this new format and it’s drawing the attention of consumers. As it’s becoming more available and commonly used, it might just turn out to be a knight in shining armour to brands looking for an alternative to TV ads. But let’s take a closer look at what got us here and why it is giving marketers additional leverage.

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October 13, 2016Creativity, Marketing, Mobile, Uncategorized

Release the Pixel

When you hear the word "smartphone" you probably think Apple or Samsung, right? It’s only natural. However, on October 4th Google posted a video on their Youtube channel saying that they’ll soon be releasing a smartphone of their own: The Google Pixel. It’s bringing some serious heat, and also an uncertain future for the two previously mentioned smartphone giants.

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September 14, 2016Marketing, Mobile

Instagram or Snapchat? #blurredlines

Recently a friend posed an interesting question: Which platform should I invest my time in when it comes to creating content - Instagram or Snapchat - and if it's one vs the other, why?

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September 6, 2016Mobile

Google Duo duels FaceTime

You know when your phone rings and it’s your mom FaceTiming you, it’s always a little awkward, right? The connection is bad, you don’t know whether to look in the camera or at the image of your mom, and really all you can focus on is your own five chins taking over the upper corner. Well, Google might just have a solution to that...

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August 16, 2016Advertising, Marketing, Mobile

90% of Swedish Publishers begin combating Ad Blockers

In light of the sharp rise in ad blocker usage, Swedish publishers unite to tackle the issue head-on.

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