October 10, 2017Creativity, Nordic.Agency

We’re on the Lookout for a Creative Team!

We’re looking for a Copywriter and an Art Director who are bursting with ideas. Together they will form a new creative team, whose mission is to develop and pitch creative ideas, concepts and content. Both should be experienced, but more importantly passionate and driven. At Nordic.Agency we are able to give plenty of room to grow and reach for greater ambitions. And for those who want it, there is a lot more responsibility to be gained.

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September 26, 2017Nordic.Agency

Meet Andrea, Our New PR Specialist!

Andrea Eriksson had her first day at the agency a little more than a week ago, but it already feels like she’s been around for much longer than that. As you might have figured out from her title, she’ll be heading our PR related accounts and cases.

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July 7, 2017Nordic.Agency

We’re Off – See you in August!

Summer is here and we can’t help to think about how fast time flies. In the past six months we have hired six new colleagues, moved offices in Oslo, moved offices in Stockholm, produced 57 blog posts and gained two office dogs - Frank and Moe. Not to mention, starting work with five new clients. It’s been an exciting six months!

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June 28, 2017Nordic.Agency

Meet Our New UX Designer, Anna Sidorova

Say hello to our newest team member, Anna Sidorova! She is an experienced UX/UI expert, graphic designer, outdoor and fitness nut, and Bruce Springsteen fanatic, who also, like many of us, is looking forward to the next Game of Thrones season with great anticipation. Based at our Stockholm office, Anna will work with UX and UI design.

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May 15, 2017Creativity, Nordic.Agency

Meet our new Creative Strategist!

Today we are happy to welcome Emilia Gullberg to our team! Emilia is a Real Madrid fan, former tennis pro, and sports enthusiast with a knack for digital marketing. As of this week, she holds the title of Creative Strategist and will be based at our office in Stockholm.

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May 10, 2017Inspiration, Nordic.Agency

The Inevitable Value of Follow-ups

Working in this industry of ours, we constantly find ourselves going in and out of new, exciting projects. However, amazingly, most of us get into the bad habit of not following up on the project we conclude. In the end, this means we’re missing out on a whole lot of the insights and learnings that we’ve worked so hard for. In order to turn this habit around, there are a few rules that we try to live by.

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April 7, 2017Creativity, Inspiration, Nordic.Agency

The Role of Design in a World of Marketing Fatigue

As marketers today we are faced with a particularly difficult problem. Consumers have grown both wary and weary of our ads, campaigns and marketing efforts. We are rarely able to reach through the noise and impress them. Caroline Mörnås, Global Design Strategist at Absolut Vodka, has long worked with design to break through those barriers. On the 25th of April she will helm the Marketing Morning stage to talk more about The role of design in a world of marketing fatigue. We wanted to know what she is planning for us and perhaps a thing or two about what we can expect to learn. So we asked her!

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March 20, 2017Creativity, Inspiration, Nordic.Agency, Writing

Ogilvy’s Lists – Rules of Writing

David Ogilvy - the Father of Advertising - was a man of great authority and a distinguished creator of lists. In a memo to his employees, on september 7th of 1982, he shared what he deemed were the ultimate rules on how to write. The list has since been shared many times over by the millions of people who have come to admire his legacy. Timeless as it is, we’d like to share his advice with you. Because whether you’re a copywriter, a strategist, or a big marketing cheese, it applies to communication at large.

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February 8, 2017Nordic.Agency

Welcome aboard, Steffi Van den Branden!

Last week, we welcomed Steffi Van den Branden into the Nordic.Agency team. Steffi is a keen surfer, hiker and outdoors enthusiast with a thirst for travel and adventure. She helms the title as our new Creative Strategist and will be based at our Norwegian office. Her responsibilities include strategic solutions both internally and externally, product- and project management, as well as supporting sales.

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January 30, 2017Creativity, Inspiration, Marketing, Nordic.Agency, Writing

Copy that sells – According to David Ogilvy

In the light of last weeks post about the creative process of The Father of Advertising, we continue to take inspiration from the work and advice of David Ogilvy. He wrote many lists, gave lots of advice and uttered many memorable quotes during his lifetime. We would like to continue to share them with you. This time around we’ve put together Ogilvy’s best rules for writing copy.

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