If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative– David Ogilvy

Our team’s diverse, passionate about marketing and share in the David vs. Goliath mindset necessary to turn big ideas into realities.

Nordic.Agency is a marketing agency with passion and focus on creating remarkable work for our clients that their customers act on.

We base everything we do on the ‘Find – Like – Love’ model for the customer journey and every touchpoint is carefully designed for the optimal user experience regardless of device, media or channel.
We believe in storytelling with focus on one message that is relevant, engaging, emotional and remarkable.
Join us and let us in collaboration challenge the status quo and deliver a new perspective on behalf of your brand, product and servce.

Traditionally, marketing & advertising agencies work in way that you as the client pay up big time without really knowing what your agency’s efforts will yield in return. It’s a big ask, especially for smaller growing companies.

While we offer traditional agreements, we also offer performance-based agreements where we share the risk by charging minimal start-up fees and instead ask for a fair share of the business we generate for our clients.

Differences at a glance

So whether you’re on the market for a new agency or looking to put some fire under the ass of your current agency by meeting with others, we offer pragmatic agreements that fit your business needs and scale accordingly.

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