Show video / Henrik Vibskov / Milano

Show video in Milan

Henrik Vibskov presented his SS25 collection during Milan Fashion Week with a captivating show video that we had the pleasure of producing. The collection, titled “The Orchestra of the Soft Assistance,” harmonizes the elegance of human empathy with the adaptive genius of the animal kingdom. The inspiration behind the collection is the profound theme of hands – the ultimate symbols of assistance, compassion, and adaptability.

In the journey of creating the collection, we explored how hands signify more than just physical help; they embody the essence of empathy – the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Just as hands adapt to different tasks, we too must adapt to the needs of those we assist and to the ever-changing world around us.

BRAND: Henrik Vibskov

ClIENT: Henrik Vibskov

LOCATION: Milan, Italy

SERVICE: Show video

DATE:  Q2 2024

Video Production: Nordic Agency produced the captivating show video for Henrik Vibskov’s SS25 collection, “The Orchestra of the Soft Assistance.” The video beautifully captures the essence of the collection, highlighting the themes of empathy, adaptability, and compassion.

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