Frame Magazine / Henrik Vibskov / AW24

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Henrik Vibskov’s AW24 show at Copenhagen Fashion Week seamlessly merged performance art with everyday inspirations, resulting in an immersive and inclusive fashion experience. Captured by Nordic Agency, the event was a testament to creativity and innovation in the fashion world, highlighted in an article by Frame Magazine featuring Nordic Agency’s images.

The AW24 runway, set against the backdrop of Copenhagen Fashion Week, was a spectacle of creativity and innovation. The venue, a former market hall, was transformed into a captivating space where fashion met artistry. Six green cabinets with pink detailing, arranged on a light green carpet, evoked the charm of a dollhouse, creating a striking contrast to the industrial surroundings.

BRAND: Henrik Vibskov

ClIENT: FRAME Magazine

LOCATION: Copenhagen


DATE:  Q1 2024

Photography: Nordic Agency’s images, featured in Frame Magazine’s article, expertly captured the essence of Henrik Vibskov’s AW24 show. Through their lens, the energy and creativity of the event are immortalized, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the magic of the runway.

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