SAND Copenhagen SS24 Campaign videos

Digital agency based in Copenhagen.

In collaboration with Kim Grenå and his agency Grenå Creative, we created a total of 4 different videos for Sand Copenhagen’s SS24 men’s and women’s collection. The goal of the videos was to showcase the exclusive designs in an environment where the location significantly influenced the mood of the videos.

The 4 videos were created in just 6 hours, covering everything from planning and styling to filming. Despite the limited time, we effectively captured the essence of Sand Copenhagen’s SS24 collection and the ambiance of the location.

BRAND: SAND Copenhagen 

ClIENT: Grenaa Creative

LOCATION: Copenhagen

SERVICE: Videos 

DATE:  Q1 2024

Maximizing Video Impact: Sand Copenhagen's Strategy

Sand Copenhagen leveraged the power of video content across multiple platforms to enhance brand visibility and engagement. Here’s how they capitalized on the value of their video assets:

1. Website Integration: The videos took center stage on the homepage of Sand Copenhagen’s website, captivating visitors and providing an immersive brand experience from the moment they landed on the site.

2. In-Store Displays: Utilizing digital screens strategically placed within their physical stores, Sand Copenhagen brought their collections to life, enhancing the retail environment and captivating customers with dynamic video content.

3. Social Media Promotion: Leveraging the widespread reach of social media platforms, Sand Copenhagen shared their videos across various channels, engaging with their audience, driving traffic to their website, and fostering brand loyalty through visually compelling content.


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