The creation of an Industry market leader

From founding to the sale of the company

In the GoTutor case study, Mads Christensen, CEO of Nordic Agency and founder of GoTutor, was instrumental in shaping the company’s critical strategies from 2014 to 2020. This journey culminated in the acquisition of GoTutor by Denmark’s leading media company, the Egmont Group.”

Through the implementation of an effective GoTutor marketing strategy, we harnessed success. Today, we pass on these strategic insights to our clients, empowering them to replicate the same effectiveness in scaling and growth.

BRAND: Gotutor

LOCATION: Copenhagen Denmark

SERVICE: Branding strategy  

PERIOD: 2014 – 2020


400% Revenue Growth in 3 Years

+750 tutors recruited

Egmont Group Acquisition

An effective brand strategy led to the success

Years under Nordic Agency founder’s leadership: Historical Growth Rate: GoTutor experienced a remarkable annual growth rate, resulting in a substantial gross profit of DKK 1.035 million in the final year. Over a pivotal three-year period, coinciding with Mads Christensen’s leadership, there was a +400% revenue surge, highlighting the impact of an effective brand strategy.

Media Coverage in this period: GoTutor garnered extensive coverage in prominent media outlets such as DR, TV2, Jyllands-Posten, Ritzau, Politiken,, Horsens Folkeblad, TechSavvy, Altinget, and more. This extensive media presence validated GoTutor’s brand as an authoritative voice in the education sector.

Recruitment Campaign: A Journey to enlist Over 750 Screened, highly skilled tutors for the Company

YouTube Engagement: Over 50K views on key videos underscored our success in content marketing and audience engagement. Through strategic content strategies and effective online advertising campaigns, we succeeded in establishing GoTutor as one of the country’s leading brands for private tutoring.

Top-Ranked on Google Search: Central to our success was our thorough SEO work that propelled us to the first position on Google. Using key strategies like keyword analysis, webpage optimization, and local SEO, we became the go-to destination for our target audience on the internet. This position bolstered our visibility and credibility, ultimately driving significant traffic and contributing to our remarkable growth.

Logo Design and Visual Identity: Crafting a Distinctive Brand Expression for Lasting Impact and Memorable Impressions.

Today, the company is known through advertisements on TV, in cinemas, and is a household name in Denmark. We are proud to have been part of this remarkable success story, as some of the driving forces behind the company’s inception and its journey to become what it is today.”

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