ROAS of 10! Branding and scaling a Wedding agency

From founding to the sale of the company

Background: Between 2021 and 2024, we executed an ambitious marketing campaign that combined targeted advertising with creative content production. The goal was to maximize revenue and achieve a significant Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), while also strengthening our brand identity and market reach.


Our strategy was centered around a synergistic mix of quality content and targeted advertising efforts, focusing on producing engaging content that resonates with our target audience and fine-tuning our ad campaigns to ensure maximum performance and optimization of the return on investment.

BRAND: Nordic Wedding

LOCATION: Copenhagen Denmark

SERVICE: Branding strategy  

PERIOD: 2020 – 2023

Average ROAS of 10!

Every 1 DKK spent in marketing turned into 10 DKK in revenue

2024: Stable Client Growth with 26,000 DKK Average Sale

An effective brand strategy led to the success

Results: Over a period of four years, we achieved impressive results that demonstrate the effectiveness of our integrated marketing efforts:

– The total advertising expenditure from 2021-2024 was 508,000 DKK.
– The total Ad-revenue during this period reached 2,834,147.33 DKK.
– The average Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) over the four years was outstanding at 10.

These figures not only emphasize the success of our advertising strategy but also highlight the importance of combining advertising with high-quality content.

Conclusion: This case illustrates the power of a well-integrated marketing strategy. By combining effective advertising with content production and development, we have not only achieved significant revenue growth but also solidified our position as a prominent player in the industry. Our approach demonstrates the importance of investing in both creativity and precision in advertising efforts to drive business growth.

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