Sand Copenhagen Tutorial Videos: Retail Techniques

Digital agency based in Copenhagen.

Objective: SAND Copenhagen sought to enhance their employee training experience by providing a visually appealing and easy-to-understand video guide. The focus was on demonstrating key skills such as hemming trousers and adjusting suits, essential for their staff in maintaining the brand’s high standards of presentation and customer service.

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Execution: Nordic Agency took on this exciting challenge by designing and producing a comprehensive instructional video. We showcased the step-by-step process, ensuring clarity and ease of understanding. The video was tailored specifically for SAND Copenhagen’s employees, making it a valuable tool for both new hires and existing staff seeking to refine their skills.

Delivery: The final video was integrated into SAND Copenhagen’s internal app, accessible on iPhones. This approach ensured that all employees, regardless of their location, could easily access and benefit from the training material. By distributing the video through a mobile platform, we provided a convenient and modern solution for staff training.

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